Sunday, 27 December 2015

Sirens Call: Lost Souls

You can download the December 2015 issue of Sirens Call ezine for free from here. The issue contains my story Mazed and five of my poems, as well as work by many other great writers. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Curse of the Tomb Seekers

Curse of the Tomb Seekers is the latest release from Zimbell House Publishing and features two of my stories, each with a Cthulhu Mythos influence.

In The Evil in the Sarcophagus, archaeologists discover that what they have found is a temple not a tomb and that opening what they thought was a sarcophagus was a very bad idea, while in The Statue, a long-lost Egyptian city is uncovered with disastrous consequences.

Curse of the Tomb Seekers is available to order from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Detectives of the Fantastic

Volumes one and two of Detectives of the Fantastic are now available - you can order volume one from Amazon and, but currently, volume two is only available from

Volume features my stories Red and Black and The Haunted House, while volume two features Marston House (loosely a sequel to The Haunted House).

Look out for volume three in 2016, which is due to contain one of my Amoral Detective Agency stories...

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Olbur of Rokol!

If you enjoy sword and sorcery tales, you'll enjoy the adventures of Olbur of Rokol. Set in Mnar and the surrounding lands following the fall of Sarnath, Olbur and his companion Peltamash face down sorcerers and gods. Four of their adventures have been published, so far (and, yes, more exist).

You can find the first two stories - A Caravan From Thraa and Revolt in Rokol -  in Strange Sorcery #17 from Rainfall Books.

Their third adventure, The Flame in the Ice, appeared in the anthology Torched from Nocturnal Press (out of print and hard to find).

Update: Their fourth adventure, following immediately from the last, Claimed by the Ice, has been published in Strange Sorcery #18.

One of their later adventures, The Caverns of Khidina, is available in the anthology Swords Against Cthulhu from Rogue Planet Press (available from Amazon in paperback).

Another later adventure, The Curse of Ennerath, is available in the Kindle anthology Swords of Darkness.

I am hoping to get The Flame in the Ice back into print - I'll let you know when I'm successful...

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

James Bond parodic trilogy offer

With the publication of James Bond in... Quantum of Something, my spoof Bond trilogy is complete and you can order all three A5 volumes for £6 in the UK, £10 in Europe or £12 elsewhere in the world.

Payment may be made via or via cheque/postal order (pounds sterling only) payable to DJ Tyrer to 4 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursaal Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, United Kingdom (you can also pay in cash - pounds sterling, Euros (€20) or US dollars ($24) - but we take no liability for cash sent in this manner).

Individual booklets are available for £3(£5/€10/£6/$12) each.

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Parched Dead

Something a little different to the usual horror fare - read my short story The Parched Dead at Sub-Sahrahan Magazine.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Perfect for Hallowe'en

Looking for something scary to read this Hallowe'en? Then, many I recommend the following anthologies to which I've contributed? You can order them from Amazon (direct links can be found here).

Chilling Horror Short Stories (Flame Tree Publishing) - a beautiful hardcover that not only contains my story Justified, but many classic horror tales by such writers such Lovecraft and Poe.

All Hallow's Evil (Mystery & Horror LLC) - a Hallowe'en-themed anthology of terrifying tales, including my own An Echo of Samhain.
Moonshadows (Laurel Highlands Publishing) - how would you like to spend Hallowe'en? How about A Night Behind Bars?

State of Horror: Illinois (Charon Coin Press) - visit Vishnu Springs and other spooky places in this state...

In Creeps The Night (J.A.Mes Press) - It's Hallowe'en, do you fancy a Treat?

Between The Cracks (Sirens Call Publishing) - horror fiction featuring a Horrifying tale I wrote.

Tales from the Grave (Zimbell House Publishing) - ghost stories galore, including two of mine - Not Funny and Parts of the Soul.

Whispers From The Past: Fright & Fear (North 2 South Press) - Why not pay a visit to such haunted locations as The Bree and The House on the Moor?

The Idolaters of Cthulhu (Alban Lake Publishing) - cultists of the Great Old Ones, what could be more terrifying? Contains my Egyptian story Fane of the Faceless God.

That Hoodoo Voodoo That You Do: A Dark Ritual Anthologies - just what the title says! My story explores what horrors might take place For Love.

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction (Pleasant Storm Entertainment) - fragmentary discoveries, including my Dying Scrawl.

These Vampires Still Don't Sparkle (Skywarrior Books) - vampires by the coffin-load, including one struggling to understand what is happening to him in Different Now.

Demonic Visions Book 5 (Chris Robertson) - fifty horrifying tales, including my Sentinels of the Endless Unknowing.

Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York - a city so evil they named it twice? Amongst these terrifying tales is my deceptively-named Beautiful Dreamer.

Cranial Leakage: Tales from the Grinning Skull I (Grinning Skull Press) - A Mother's Touch is not always a pleasant thing...

Cosmic Horror (Dark Hall Press) - discover the truth behind The Events at Frenchman's Creek and other mind-shattering horrors.

Undead of Winter (Mystery & Horror LLC) - as the nights draw in, the horrows draw out, such as the dreadful Night Walker.

Strangely Funny II (Mystery & Horror LLC) - a Costumed Hero saves the day at a Hallowe'en party in this lighter look at spooks and monsters.

The Temporal Element II (Martinus Publishing) - the anthology as a whole isn't horror, but my contribution involves a character revisiting One Hallowe'en as they seek to change a tragedy from their past.

Plus... I haven't listed all the wonderfully dark titles from JWK Fiction that I have contributed to, nor Whortleberry Press's Strange Lucky Halloween (available from

Want More?

The Yellow House (Dunhams Manor) - a strange and spooky novella by DJ Tyrer, available to order through Amazon.

Black & Red (Atlantean Publishing) - a booklet collecting several urban horror short stories by DJ Tyrer, available to order direct from Atlantean Publishing (UK: £3, Europe: £5/€10, RoW: £6/$12) - payment can be made directly via (pay in pounds to save money), please email with your address, order details and transaction number - or you can pay by cheque or postal order (pounds sterling only) made out to DJ Tyrer or cash (Euros or Dollars) to Atlantean Publishing, 4 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursaal Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, United Kingdom. The 3-for-2 offer applied to this and all Atlantean booklets. Also available as an ebook (with the splendid David Leverton cover, shown) for £1, paid via PayPal.

The Temporal Element II

Perfectly timed (as one would expect from a time travel-themed anthology!) is The Temporal Element II from Martinus Publishing (available to order through Amazon), which contains my story One Hallowe'en, in which a man attempts to use the arcane knowledge contained in the Krypticon to change the outcome of one tragic Hallowe'en in his childhood.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tales from the Grave...

As we approach Hallowe'en, the spooky and ghastly anthologies of ghosts and monsters begin to appear and amongst them is Tales from the Grave from Zimbell House Publishing LLC...

In this exceptionally chunky volume - available in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon - are two of my stories.

Not Funny sees two friends meet up and visit a garveyard, but what appears to be a joke soon wears thin, while in Parts of the Soul we learn the make-up of that most elusive of things that makes us us.

Order your copy from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Disturbance - coming soon...

Artillery and Apparitions is a story featuring adventuress Camille Castaigne in which she investigates the potential sabotage of one of the mighty artillery pieces defending Paris from its Prussian besiegers.

In Whitehall Down, the heart of British government is threatened by terrorists and only one woman can stop them.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Strange Story Saturdays - Rug The Assassin rug attempted to assassinate me today. No, seriously. I swear it was deliberate... and you can read all about it by clicking on the banner above.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Misunderstood: coming soon...

An anthology putting the 'bit-part' monsters of fantasy in the role of protagonist, Misundertood from Wolfsinger Publications will be out soon, and contains my story, There's No 'I' in Homunculus.

Monday, 28 September 2015

Onyx Horror...

Onyx Neon Shorts presents... Horror Collection 2015 is on its way with 13 scary stories, including my Sylvia's Pictures and should be available in both digital and paperback versions in mid-October.

The stories in the collection include:

  • Ellie Hill
    "When a late-night university excursion into the English countryside ends up at the cursed village of Ellie Hill; three students find out that disrespecting a place's painful past carries with it a terrible price."
  • 82 Rungs by Brit Jones
    "Two men working what appeared to be a routine sewage clearance job find themselves isolated from their employers, no escape from the underground bunker in which they work, and the environment of the bunker undergoing subtle, disturbing changes. Things become more complicated when monstrous and extremely hostile wildlife invade their workspace. Unprepared for this it becomes a battle for survival in the tunnels far beneath the city surface." 
  • What Little Remains by Franklin Murdock
    "Seamus hides a horrible secret in the back of his barn in Palmer, Kansas.  It is a pit where he casts the remains of those whose destiny he has chosen to change.  Little does he know that the dead have desires of their own and that Seamus isn't the only one with murder on his mind."
  • Insanity
    "Insanity follows Vanessa, a young girl in a mental institution and her doctor as they both try to get to the bottom of the of her seemingly harmless delusions."
  • Something Nasty in the Woodshed by Tracy Fahey
     "'Something Nasty in the Woodshed' offers a twist on the classic horror trope of a ghastly, life-changing space of encounter. The title is a wink to the famous line from Stella Gibbons' 1932 novel Cold Comfort Farm where the wonderfully named Ada Doom hints mytersiously throughout at an unspecified 'something nasty' she saw in the woodshed which has damaged her beyond repair. This story takes this parodic idea and treats it seriously. 'Something Nasty In The Woodshed' gives a nod to popular home invasion narratives and torture narratives in contemporary cinema, but interweaves them with a Gothic sense of terror that owes more to the idea of the unheimlich, that uncanny moment when the familar becomes strangely unfamiliar...and even horrific."
  • Up In The Window by Elizabeth Myrrdin
    "A woman seeks to satisfy an irrational, nagging obsession. Unsettling occurrences during the late night trek heighten her sense of alarm, but stubbornness propels her to the destination. She learns the answer to the self-created mystery, and regret settles in. Knowledge, in this instance, is not power, but lasting dread."
  • Analogue by Jarl Nicholl
    A man pursued by grief after the death of his wife. After finding the stone likeness of a part of her face, he becomes convinced that an occult force has disassembled and scattered her physical form over the earth, and that it is his job to put the fragments together and bring her back to life.
  • Sylvia's Pictures by DJ Tyrer
    "Sylvia sits alone, drawing pictures of the Raggedy Man. Is it just a cry for attention now that her baby brother has arrived, or do the pictures hold a deeper, darker meaning? And, does her stepmother really want to learn the truth?"

  • The Guard by B.T. Joy
    "Since moving to Bristol and taking up a position as a night guard at the Metropolitan Museum, Harry has found himself becoming increasingly curious about one of the exhibits there. But what begins as idle interest soon escalates into a dangerous obsession as the guard discovers that the “Metro mummies,” the three-thousand year old remains of a pair of Philistine devotees, have more secrets to tell than he first imagined. Now Harry must unravel the mysteries of the sounds and strange blue lights that inhabit the gallery and what connection they have to the weird, pre-Semitic god he sees only in his nightmares." 
  • Sacrificial Version
    "Like a rectangular tumor, a door sprouts from the floor, accessible to a single sojourner. Beneath it, concrete steps descend to a subterranean nightclub filled with bizarre celebrants. The bartender's lips are sewn shut; the music is discordant. Even the drinks are peculiar. Upon exiting that club, the sojourner will pass into a new set of circumstances, as he has many times previously."

  • The Man Who Left No Footprints by Matt Teeter
     "An elderly woman receives an unexpected visitor one cold winter morning."
  • The Lake House by Joseph Rubas
    "After losing his wife to cancer, novelist Jim Conner retreats to a cabin in the mountains of Vermont, where strange things begin to happen."

  • Cold Harbour by Ro McNulty
    "a social worker working with a blind woman, who begins to suspect there is someone else living in the woman's house with her. "

Friday, 25 September 2015

On its way...

Chilling Horror Stories contains my story Justified. Copies are going out now and you can order a copy of this lovely book - and its siblings - via Amazon.

Fancy some free fiction?

Pop over to Horror Addicts' Free Fiction Friday and you can read my story Mould and Blood (from my Black & Red booklet/ebook, described by Neal Wilgus as "Rather grim, but well done.")

The world is indeed comic, but the joke is upon mankind - HP Lovecraft

Fighting the good fight...

Super Hero Monster Hunter: The Good Fight from Emby Press sees supepowered heroes take on the worst monstrosities there are and include my story Up In The North Slope, in which something unpleasant has defrosted in northern Alaska...

The book is available to order in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon.

Coming soon...

Thursday, 24 September 2015

On the horizon...

Corpus Deluxe: Undead Tales of Terror (Indie Authors Press) is the latest anthology to be added to my list of  forthcoming publication appearances and will feature my story Night Walker (which previously appeared in Undead of Winter).

There are several others on that list, including the fourth volume of Short Sharp Shocks (this time it's Hammer Horror!) from April Moon Books, State of Horror: Tennessee from Charon Coin Press, and Gothic Tales of Terror from Verto Publishing. One I really want to mention is Altered Europa (Martinus Publishing) - I'm particularly proud of the story (The Archers) that is included in this anthology of altered European history... Also from Martinus Publishing, Temporal Element II should be out very shortly with a Hallowe'en tale of time travel...

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Ill-Considered Expeditions and Poetic Endeavours

Fans of Victorian heroes rampaging across the Dark Continent will doubtless enjoy my romp, The White Goddess, in Ill-Considered Expeditions (April Moon Books) - available in paperback from and - in which an aerial frigate full of seasoned adventures sail off across Africa in search of a lost city and the White Goddess said to inhabit it. Fixated on visions of Phoenician wealth and beautiful white royalty in need of a British husband, they soon sail into trouble..

On the poetic front, my Yellow Mythos poem Curtail Not Your Yearnings can be found in the latest issue of Fungi magazine, while another poem, Social Protest, can be found on a new give-out sheet available from Marymark Press (this can be obtained by sending a SAE to me at 4 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursaal Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, United Kingdom or to Mark Sonnenfeld at 45-08 Old Millstone Drive, East Windsor, NJ 08520, USA).

Monday, 10 August 2015

Worlds of the Pagan Past

"Rejoice,” Blaen told him, “Angharad has entered the Otherworld."

Night of Fate takes us back to the time of the pagan Celts as Elphin struggles against the gods themselves and appears in the latest anthology from Zimbell House, Pagan, which is available to order in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon.

Going back further in time, issue one of Worlds of the Unknown from Spectre Press contains my Biblical-era tale of the fate of the decadent city of Kartakasu, The City of Bondage, along with the award-winning poem Virgil's Ongoing Researches and the poem Sappho Predicts the Future.

From the beginning of The City of Bondage :

"In Canaan, in the days of Joshua the Habiru, who threw all the land into tumult, the city of Kartakasu waxed mightily in wealth upon the shore of the lake named Samchuna in the valley that lay between the city of Hasura and the citadel of Kedesh."

Worlds of the Unknown #1 is available for £10, plus £1.50 p&p in the UK – for overseas purchasers, it is £7.50 p&p.

Copies can be obtained by Paypal, using the email, or a cheque made out to Jon Harvey, from: 56 Mickle Hill, Sandhurst, Berkshire, GU47 8QU.

Monday, 3 August 2015

The Idolaters of Cthulhu trailer

Discover the vile secrets of those who worship the Great Old Ones in The Idolaters of Cthulhu - available from Smashwords and on the Kindle from Amazon...

Friday, 31 July 2015

Monsters, Cultists, Space Pirates and more, oh my!

Some new anthology appearances...

Olbur of Rokol risks life and limb for love when he descends into The Caverns of Khidina in Swords Against Cthulhu from Rogue Planet Press (available from Amazon), a second outing for the hero (an adventure of whose previously appeared in Torched).

Despite suspicions to the contrary, it turns out that X Marks The Planet in a comical story of that name in Yarr! A Space Pirate Anthology from Martinus Publishing (available from Amazon).

A cultist seeks to ascend a little closer to godhood within the Fane of the Faceless God in Idolaters of Cthulhu from Alban Lake Publishing (available from Smashwords).

Identity, acceptance and terror entangle to leave the question of just what is Horrifying in Between The Cracks from Sirens Call Publishing (available from Amazon and Smashwords).

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Coming soon from Flame Tree Publishing...

Gothic Chilling Horror Stories contains my story Justified, alongside many other great tales in this 480-page horror extravaganza.

Friday, 10 July 2015

The Steam Chronicles

The Steam Chronicles is, unsurprisingly, a steampunk anthology from Zimbell House Publishing, available
to order in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon, and contains three of my stories:
  • Dark Stars & Steam is a thriller sequel to The Streets of Alar, which appeared in the Atlantean Publishing King In Yellow anthology (and which will be republished in 2016...)
  • Mars Miner Mustang is a story featuring space-and-time adventurers Letitia, Hopper and Doc in which, and this isn't exactly a spoiler, they find themselves trapped aboard a Mars Miner.
  • Treachery on the Factory Floor finds French Second Empire Adventuress Camilla Castaigne dealing with saboteurs during the Siege of Paris.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Eco-Horror Ezine

Just how might the world end? Find out in the latest issue of Siren's Call as Mother Nature unleashes her full
fury against humanity! You'll find two poems by me in here alongside a couple of other poems and a number of excellent stories. It's free, so you've nothing to lose in downloading a copy - and it might just help you survive the coming horrors!

Thursday, 11 June 2015

The 2015 Data Dump Award

The winners of the 10th annual Data Dump Award have been announced and I am gratified to learn that my poem Virgil's Ongoing Researches (which was published in Worlds of the Unknown #1) has been placed joint-second! I share the spot with the award's most successful recipient, Cardinal Cox. Despite having made it onto the long- and short-lists numerous times over the years, this is the first time one of my poems has been placed.

I am equally delighted to learn that the first-place winner and joint-thirds were all published in magazines I've edited - not that I can claim credit for the talent of Neal Wilgus, Eric Ferris and Bryn Fortey that actually won them the accolade.

Thursday, 4 June 2015


Tigeshark's Facebook Page

Tigershark's Facebook PageWith the seventh issue of this excellent ezine released, now is a good time to look back at my past contributions...

Issues are free and can be requested from

Issue One

  • Promotion (fiction)
  • Follow Me (poetry)
  • Savoy Opera Haiku (poetry)
  • Sappho Predicts The Future (poetry)

 Issue Two

  • Black Flag, Red Flame (fiction)
  • A Christmas Encounter (fiction)
  • November 11th (poem)

Issue Three

  • Old Bones (fiction)
  • Chocolate Hearts (fiction)
  • Divine Chocolate (poem)
  • Tell Me You Love Me (poem)
  • Kiss Haiku (poem)
  • Love In Carcosa (poem)

 Issue Four

  • The Thicket (fiction)
  • Three Haiku (poems)
  • The Old One & The Star Spawn (poem)
  • The Prophet's House (poem)
  • Alice & The Old Ones (poem)

Issue Five

  • Justified (fiction)

Issue Six

  • A Cruel Desire (fiction)
  • Smile of Cthulhu (poem)
  • Senryu (poem)

 Issue Seven

  • The Pyramid of Light (fiction)

In addition to my contributions, issues of Tigershark have included work by such popular writers as Aeronwy Dafies, Frederick J. Mayer, Phillip A. Ellis and Andrew Darlington, as well as many more talented writers. The issues cost nothing, so what have you got to lose?!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Steampunk Cthulhu ebook nomination!

Steampunk Cthulhu - now nominated in the 'Best of the Independent eBook Awards,' is less than half price in ebook from the publisher. Selected and edited by Brian M. Sammons & Glynn Owen Barrass. Cover art by Daniele Serra. 310 pages


Those Above by Jeffrey Thomas
The Blackwold Horror by Adam Bolivar
No Hand to Turn the Key by Carrie Cuinn
The Reverend Mr. Goodworks & the Yeggs of Yig by Edward M. Erdelac
Carnacki – The Island of Doctor Munroe by William Meikle
Pain Wears No Mask by John Goodrich
Before the Least of These Stars by Lee Clark Zumpe
The Promised Messiah by D.J. Tyrer
Unfathomable by Christine Morgan
The Flower by Christopher M. Geeson
Tentacular Spectacular by Thana Niveau
Fall of an Empire by Glynn Owen Barrass & Brian M. Sammons
The Baying of the Hounds by Leigh Kimmel
Mr Brass & the City of Devils by Josh Reynolds
The Source by D.L. Snell
Happy Birthday, Dear Cthulhu by Robert Neilson
The Strange Company by Pete Rawlik

Steampunk Cthulhu (ebook)
Mythos Terror in the Age of Steam

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

New from The Siren's Call

The latest copy of Siren's Call #20 is available now to download and contains a page of five poems plus two stories from my pen...

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dunton Research Centre

The Dunton Research Centre Trilogy consists of three short stories related to events at this genetic research facility (although it went unnamed in the first one):

  • Emperor of Swine can be found in Amok! from April Moon Books - order (pb) from  and and details the initial rampage that led to the closing of the facility.

  • Swine can be found in Mad Science/Malevolent Mansions from Barbwire Butterfly Books - order (pb) from or and and involves a rogue scientist following the closure.

  • Up From The Ashes can be found in Mysteries of Suspense - order (pb/kindle) from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb) and details the reopening of the facility in a less-contentious guise.

Friday, 24 April 2015

The Mysteries of Suspense...

... is an anthology from Zimbell House Publishing LLC chock full of mysteries, which features two of my
  • Quick Results - a murder mystery in a future in which everyone is constantly tracked.
  • Up From The Ashes - a sequel of sorts to Emperor of Swine (published in Amok! from April Moon Books), featuring yet more genetic tampering.

Available to order (pb/kindle) from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb)

Monday, 13 April 2015

New From Thirteen O'Clock...

Crossing Over - order from (pb)

  • On The Bridge 








    Get Me Out of Here - order from (pb)

  • Down Into Darkness

Steamworld - order (pb) from and and

  • Sparks & Mirrors

Come, Josephine!

As humanity takes tentatively to the air, certain horrors in remote corners of the world do not appreciate the invasion of their domain...

Come, Josephine appears in the latest, Summer 2015 edition, of The Horror Zine Magazine - order (pb/kindle) from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Steampunk and other adventures!

Three new magazine appearances and a new anthology appearance...

Steampunk adventure on Venus in Steampunk: The Other Worlds - available to order on and

Steampunk-horror Western adventure in Tales of the Talisman volume X, issue 3.

Something even worse than war is unleashed in contemporary Damascus in Lovecraft's Disciples #20.

Learn all about the zombie threat in Mad Scientist Journal volume 13 - available to order on and
 - or you can read the piece online at Mad Scientist Journal

In other news, I've also released my fictional 'non-fiction' booklet A Breedon District Miscellany  and edited and contributed to Mythos Fragments - the first two Buxton University Press booklets from the new Atlantean Publishing imprint.

Friday, 13 March 2015

That's Absurd!

My archaeological nonsense story Beaker Man made the shortlist for the Carillon magazine "Let's Be Absurd" fiction competition. An anthology of the absurd entries will be out in April and copies may be pre-ordered for £5.50 (including UK P&P) via the Carillon website.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Frostfire Worlds

I have three poems in the February issue of Frostfire Worlds - "science fiction and fantasy for the next generation" - the wonderful children's genre magazine from Alban Lake (I also had a story in the last issue).

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Destroy All Robots - Coming Soon!

Destroy All Robots!

Yes, I have a short story in this forthcoming anthology from the wonderfully eclectic Dynatox Ministries.

Pre-order it now - Dynatox goodies sell out fast!

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Weird, Weird West

If you're a fan of weird western tales, you will be interested to know that I've had a story (Walks In Shadow) accepted by Western Trailblazer - it will be available as a standalone e-release and as well as being collected in a volume of Weird Western Yarns. The story is a loose sequel to Legend & Shootist, which will be appearing in Tales of the Talisman magazine.