Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Electric Love

Love blooms even in cyberspace leading to adventure in the dark cyberpunk future of a broken Britain in my story of corporate extraction, Electric Love, available on the Kindle in the anthology Altered States II.

Other stories in the anthology are:

Davi Leiko Till Midnight -- William F. Wu
Expiration Date -- CC Aune
Droids Don’t Cry -- Sam S. Kepfield
Doubleblind -- Jay Barnson
Killadelphia -- Pedro Iniguez
Twenty Percent -- R.M. Harper
The Patch -- Frank Roger
In The Beginning Was The Microchip -- Erin Lale
PIE -- Patrick Loveland
Silencing The Machine -- Tom Borthwick
Hermit Crab -- Chris Reynolds
Speak Now -- Thomas Olges
The Devil's Hat -- Gary B. Phillips
Limitless -- Mathew X. Gomez
When The Worm Turns --Tanja Cilla
Biomorph -- Roy C. Booth (originally serialized in Phase 2 Magazine, #'s 2 - 5)
The Smoke in Death’s Eye -- Jorge Salgado-Reyes (ARC novel excerpt)

Monday, 28 November 2016

Travel back in time...

Read my story The Return in issue four of Fantasia Divinity magazine - order it (pb/kindle) from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

In the fourth issue of Fantasia Divinity Magazine, we feature five stories by very talented writers. First, "What Color are Her Eyes" by Tyson West is a story inspired by the classic fairy tale Snow White in a modern ranch setting. Then in "Shoreside" by Vonnie Winslow Crist, a day at the beach is anything but for one woman who is torn between her duty to her family and the call of the sea. Next in "Not in the Stars" by Caroline Sciriha, a young woman journeys back in time and meets her inspiration. In “The Return” by DJ Tyrer, a woman must return to her childhood home following the death of her father, where she discovers a mysterious machine that takes her back to the one day she wants to forget the most. And lastly in "Bring Down the Sun" by Randy Hulshizer, a young girl who has a highly coveted gift seeks to escape the clutches of those who wish to use her.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Christmas Is Coming!

Have a FunDead Christmas with O Horrid Night, a festive anthology from FunDead Publications, which includes my story Home By Christmas. It is available from Amazon in paperback and on the Kindle - (pb) / (kindle) and (pb) / (kindle).

If you are looking for more festive horror, I have stories in some other anthologies with Christmas or winter themes, all available from Amazon...

Return to Deathlehem

Deathllehem Revisited

Undead of Winter

Winter Tales

In addition, One Hell of a Christmas is available from

There are also three volumes of Christmas Chillers from Atlantean Publishing, which include my Yellow Mythos festive tales - order all three for £6 (UK)/£12 (RoW). Individual booklets are £3(UK)/£6(RoW). Payment should be made via PayPal through  (UK payments may also be made via cheque/postal order.)

A fourth volume of Christmas Chillers is planned for this December...

White Christmas (from Return to Deathlehem) will also be appearing shortly in Death and Decorations from Thirteen O'clock Press.

Monday, 21 November 2016

The Show Must Go On... a collection of short fiction and poetry inspired by Freddie Mercury and Queen from Penny (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).
Dreadful Publications available now on kindle and in paperback from

Farrokh Bulsara - Better known to the world as Freddie Mercury (5 September 1946 - 24 November 1991) - the silver tongued, flamboyant front man for Queen was an inspiration to many. His loss is still felt around the world today, 25 years after his passing. Inspired by the music and memory of the man, comes a collection of new, original pieces from some of the greatest and most vibrant authors in their fields! All proceeds from the sale of this book (print and digital) will be donated to The Mercury Phoenix Trust for HIV Research in Freddie's memory.

The collection includes two of my poems (One Vision and an untitled tanka).

Friday, 28 October 2016

Cthulhu Mythos Fairy Tale

You can read my Cthulhu Mythos fairy tale Child of Darkness online at Bad Apple webzine for free.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Clark Ashton Smith-inspired fiction and poetry for Hallowe'en!

If you enjoy the worlds of Clark Ashton Smith, you may enjoy these homages...

My Averoigne-set story Boufonoula can be found in Hindered Souls: Dark Tales for Dark Nights - order from (kindle) and (kindle).

I have also edited and contributed to a little booklet of CAS-inspired poetry - order it for £3 (UK) or £6 (rest of world) by sending a cheque drawn on a UK bank and payable to DJ Tyrer to the Atlantean publishing address or via (the 3-for-2 booklet offer applies).

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel...

...just got cheaper!

You can find the anthology (including my story A Key To Kill For) at (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

Friday, 23 September 2016

New from Rainfall Books

Two new chapbooks featuring my fiction have just been released by Rainfall Books:

Jungle Adventures #1 features stories and poems with a jungle theme, including my anti-Tarzan/Yellow Mythos story, Seeking Gozar.

"Lovecraft's Disciples" #24 features Lovecraftian fiction, including two of my stories - The Box and The Stone and Come, Josephine.

I have more stories and poems in forthcoming chapbooks, including my Yellow Mythos novella Different Masks, which will be publishing across two chapbooks.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Read three-question interviews with the contributors to Snowpocalypse here.

Monday, 12 September 2016

Night of the Living Shed... a humorous horror tale that you can read for free on The Flash Fiction Press site. You can find two more of my stories on there if you search my name. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Free Poetry

Several genre poems (plus a piece of Flash Fiction) can be found in the latest issue of Siren's Call ezine and you can also find three of my poems on the Bindweed webzine. Enjoy!

Friday, 2 September 2016


If the summer heat has been a bit too much, you may enjoy cooling down with Snowpocalypse, a chilling look at the end of the world, which features my story Dead England amongst others...

Available in paperback and on the Kindle from and, etc.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Preorder 9Tales Told in the Dark 17

I have a story in 9Tales Told in the Dark 17 which will be out on the Kindle on September 22nd. You can preorder it now for 99c (99p UK), rather than the regular price of $2.99.

This issue includes:

LAST BUS FOR THE FUTURE by George Strasburg
MIKEY MIKEY by John Grey
UPON A CANDLE by Sara Green
KNOCK by Kenneth O’Brien
PIECES OF ME by Craig Steven
THE NIGHT FRIEND by Daniel J. Kirk

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Kill Those Damn Cats... the new anthology from The First United Church of Cthulhu and opens with my Dreamlands tale Wilful Creatures, along with eleven other cats inspired by Lovecraft's love of and fictional use of cats. It is available in paperback and on the Kindle from and

Monday, 25 July 2016

Sneak peek...

Here's the cover for the forthcoming anthology from Carrion Blue 555 - each author has provided 55 stories of 55 words each. My sequence has ties to a certain Yellow Mythos...

Friday, 22 July 2016

The DJ Tyrer Facebook Page

You can now find my author Facebook page at - please give it a like!

Unintended Consequences

Sometimes, for good or ill, things don't work out as intended. This anthology takes a look at some of
those unintended consequences...

Featuring my story, Technically.

You can order the ebook at - up until 15th August, you can use Coupon Code LF75S to get 25% off.

You can order the print book from - up until 15th August, you can use Discount Code 9HW5GHYR to get 25% off.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A Horror-ific issue of Sirens Call

I have a poem (Dark Secret) and flash fiction (The Lik'ichiri) in the latest issue of Sirens Call ezine.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

This diet's getting weird!

Sometimes it's difficult to decide on which page of this site a fiction publication belongs and Weirdbook number 32 is a case in point - it's a magazine that thinks it's an anthology, and boy does it look good!

This issue includes my story Getting Thin, in which watching your weight turns out to be a horrific experience...

It is available to order now from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb)

Friday, 17 June 2016

More From Harley's Mount

Two more anthologies feature stories set on Harley's Mount.

It's My Party - order (pb) from, and

  • Seen Eve

Crossroads - order (pb) from, and

  • Have A Care When You Bargain

Detectives of the Fantastic

Are you interested in spooky detective fiction? Then you might just want to check out the Detectives  of the Fantastic series from Thirteen O'clock Press, available from Amazon and

Volume one features my ghost-investigation stories Red and Black and The Haunted House. Marston House in volume two is a follow-up to The Haunted House. The Shudder Out of Time, in volume three, is a change of pace, being an Amoral Detective Agency Story.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Marked By Scorn Crowdfunding Update

Marked By Scorn from Solarwyrm Press is currently crowdfunding. The volume features stories about non-traditional relationships, the sort you don’t so often see in the mainstream, and features stories from around the world.

A review of the anthology can be found here.

At the time of posting this, they have raised $500 dollars, a fifth of the hoped-for goal, but if they reach the $2,500 goal, everyone who contributed to the campaign will get a free ebook of Solarwyrm's first anthology, Fae Fatales: A Fantasy Noir Anthology, which includes stories by 3 of the Marked by Scorn writers, and artwork by the cover artist for Marked by Scorn

The anthology contains both a poem and a Yellow Mythos story by me. The crowdfunding page can be found here and an article about the anthology can be found at here.

Monday, 23 May 2016

Once Upon A Scream: Gollewon Ellee

Gollewon Ellee. Fairy lights. Mysterious lanterns seen in the woods, luring the unwary to their doom...

Gollewon Ellee is my contribution to the anthology Once Upon A Scream, an anthology of horror-tinged fairy stories and stories about fairies from Horror Press. Gollewon Ellee is set in around 1910 in a remote corner of Essex on Harley’s Mount and features two young girls who follow the titular fairy lights that haunt the hill.

Harley’s Mount and its environs have been the setting for a number of my stories and poems and first came into existence around twenty years ago, although I have refined and expanded upon the detail of the region over time, even releasing a booklet detailing some of its history and folklore. Along with the ghostly Harley himself, the fairy lights are one of the earliest elements of the extensive folk lore I’ve developed for the Mount (although the name only came later), featuring in the as-yet-unpublished novel that was the second piece of fiction set on the Mount and initially written twenty years ago (although substantially rewritten more than once since). Interestingly, following the fairy lights twice plays an important role in the novel.

The fairy lights themselves and their use in both stories derives from folk lore, where such lights were thought to be carried by fairies or to be the souls of the dead, and that to follow them was not a sensible thing to do. There is also a hint of UFOlogy in there, if you know where to look (deriving from the idea that fairies and aliens are different interpretations of the same motif or phenomenon through different cultural lenses).

While horror fiction, especially that of Lovecraft, has had some influence upon my creation of the Mount region, it is folk lore, rural culture and history that have most influenced its creation, along with one novel, The Snow Spider by Jenny Nimmo, which played a key role in catalysing that novel so long ago and very faint hints of which can be seen in Gollewon Ellee. (The Snow Spider really resonates with me and has had a more overt influence on at least one other of my recently-published stories.)

Finally, it can be said that the fictional Mount was inspired by a very real hill in Essex where my grandparents lived for a time. While not quite as imposing nor as haunted, it was still a fascinating place that gripped my imagination and provided a template in which to set stories that had been brewing for a time beforehand and a place for which I retain fond memories.

Friday, 13 May 2016

Do you like silly B-movie-style horror?

If the answer is 'yes', then you might want to take a look at Strangely Funny III, which features my Attack of the Rad-Zombies. The fourth volume in the Strangely Funny anthology series from Mystery and Horror LLC (there was a volume 2.5, you see) is not available to order from Amazon at (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

The earlier volumes (volume two of which also featured one of my stories) are also available to order from Amazon.

Marked By Scorn Crowdfunder

Marked By Scorn, an anthology of non-traditional relationships, is currently seeking crowdfunding support. The anthology contains both a poem and a Yellow Mythos story by me. The crowdfunding page can be found here and an article about the anthology can be found here.

Monday, 9 May 2016


To celebrate the release of the anthology Once Upon A Scream, which contains my story Gollewon Ellee, you can find an interview with me here.


Pulpcore is a German-language ebook which features my story Rot und Schwarz (Red and Black). - just hit the red button.
Download it for free

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Spawn of the Ripper... now available on the Kindle as well as in paperback!

Spawn of the Ripper, the fourth volume of Short Sharp Shocks from April Moon Books is a Hammer Horror homage and contains my story The Brain of Evil.

Order if from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

Friday, 6 May 2016

The 2016 Rhysling Anthology now available in paperback from and and features my poem A Butterfly In Carcosa, alongside many other excellent poems, including one by the master, Steve Sneyd.

A definite must-have for fans of speculative poetry!

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Five poems online at...

Makata Volume 15 Issue 2 (May2016) [Philippines/webzine]

  • Adventure of Love
  • Fade Into The Future
  • Her Pain
  • Retreat Sea, Away!
  • The Loving Breeze

Lake Manor Sale

For the next week, The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel is discounted to .99 on and! If you haven't tried it, now is the right time!

Unlocking The Truth... my title in the new anthology, The Key, from Zimbell House Publishing. The collection is available to order in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon at from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

The Thing in the Mirror

You can find my story "The Thing in the Mirror" online here. Enjoy.

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel

New from Woodbridge Press comes The Haunting of Lake Manor Hotel, an anthology of thirteen scary stories, one for each of the thirteen rooms in the eponymous hotel, and featuring my story A Key to Kill For. The anthology is available to order from Amazon in paperback and on the Kindle from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

Monday, 28 March 2016

Coming soon...

It won't be for everyone, but Marked By Scorn is the forthcoming anthology from Solarwyrm Press, which features stories and poetry about relationships outside the mainstream and contains a story and poem by me.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Winter Tales

What happens when you encounter a frozen alien flower on a winter's night?

The answer may be discovered in my story Frose, which can be found in Winter Tales from Fox Spirit Books, a delightful new volume of winter tales. It is currently available to order from and in paperback at the very reasonable price of £7.99/$11.

Friday, 11 March 2016

Nonbinary Review

Issues of the Nonbinary Review are free to view online and include themes such as The King In Yellow and The 1001 Arabian Nights, to both of which issues I've contributed, namely the short story In The Company of Mr King and the poem The Vengenace of the Sage Duban.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Rhysling Awards 2016

The poem A Butterfly In Carcosa (from Yellow Leaves 8) has been nominated for the 2016 Rhysling Award (long poem).

Handshake 93

Seven of my poems appear in issue 93 of the Handshake genre poetry newszine: Trail of Cthulhu, Across The Winedark Sea (extract), Death From The Stars, Coiled Beneath, Collapsing Cosmoses, Dancing Through Time and Inquisitive.Also contributing are Dean Alder, Ed Blundell, Cardinal Cox, Andrew Darlington and M Courtney Soper.

You can lay your hands on a copy of the issue by sending a SAE ($2 overseas) to John F. Haines, 5 Cross Farm, Station Road North, Fearnhead, Warrington, Cheshire, WA2 0QG, UK.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Short Sharp Shocks!

The fourth volume of Short Sharp Shocks from April Moon Books is out now! Titled Spawn of the Ripper it is a homage to Hammer Horror and features my Frankenstein-influenced tale The Brain of Evil.

Working backwards, the previous volumes were...

Exploratory anthology Ill-Considered Expeditions, which featured my tale of misinformed steampunk explorers encountering horror in the heart of Africa, The White Goddess.

Giant monster homage Stomping Grounds, which featured my tale of radioactive Welsh lake-based horror Avanc.

Rampage-themed anthology, Amok!, which featured my tale of porcine laboratory rampage, Emperor of Swine.

All four volumes can be ordered through Amazon.