Friday, 26 February 2016

Short Sharp Shocks!

The fourth volume of Short Sharp Shocks from April Moon Books is out now! Titled Spawn of the Ripper it is a homage to Hammer Horror and features my Frankenstein-influenced tale The Brain of Evil.

Working backwards, the previous volumes were...

Exploratory anthology Ill-Considered Expeditions, which featured my tale of misinformed steampunk explorers encountering horror in the heart of Africa, The White Goddess.

Giant monster homage Stomping Grounds, which featured my tale of radioactive Welsh lake-based horror Avanc.

Rampage-themed anthology, Amok!, which featured my tale of porcine laboratory rampage, Emperor of Swine.

All four volumes can be ordered through Amazon.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Gothic Tales of Terror

This anthology from Verto Publishing, featuring my story Hollenstein, is available at the very reasonable price of £4.55 or $6.99 from Amazon and the Kindle version is even cheaper, as well as being available on Kindle Unlimited.

Order Gothic Tales of Terror from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb).

Space Adventures!

New from Rainfall Books is Space Adventures #2 with two of my stories, space pirate misadventure X Marks The Planet and Martian mission A Strange Habitation.