Monday, 9 April 2018

An Awesome Place to sell Awesome Tales!

The Awesome Tales #7 Winter 2018 issue, with The Strange Adventures of Sherlock Holmes has found a new niche.

The book is on sale on a cliff-top Connecticut castle, once the home of the late famous actor William Gillette. He played the Baker Street detective 1300 times on stage, in the first silent films and then in early talkies. After the actors' death, the castle and grounds became a state park and popular tourist attraction. Awesome Tales #7 is now on sale in the gift shop at the castle. The little $6 tome contains five new Sherlock short-stories and a historical article about the castle.

If you can't make it there, you can find Awesome Tales on

Unwrap the horror...

Mummy Knows Best

(ed) Theresa Derwin
Publisher: Quantum Corsets
Page count: 260pp
RRP £9.99

Currently on sale at £5.50 through April

Mummies, traditionally an Egyptian mythological and historical artefact, have ways of coming to life; particularly in the right story. Made infamous by Boris Karloff in the Universal movies, the mummy can be both tragic and horrific. But the mummy is not just an Egyptian phenomena - this anthology of Fantasy and Horror stories, brought to you by Terror Tree Books (Quantum Corsets), features mummies from Peru, Britain, a few from Egypt following the traditional mould, and from cities all over the globe. Don't expect a blockbuster vibe from this variety of tales, expect mystery, intrigue, awe, horror and most importantly - emotion. Unveil what hides beneath the wrappings in 'Mummy Knows Best'