Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Detectives of the Fantastic

Volumes one and two of Detectives of the Fantastic are now available - you can order volume one from Amazon and, but currently, volume two is only available from

Volume features my stories Red and Black and The Haunted House, while volume two features Marston House (loosely a sequel to The Haunted House).

Look out for volume three in 2016, which is due to contain one of my Amoral Detective Agency stories...

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Olbur of Rokol!

If you enjoy sword and sorcery tales, you'll enjoy the adventures of Olbur of Rokol. Set in Mnar and the surrounding lands following the fall of Sarnath, Olbur and his companion Peltamash face down sorcerers and gods. Four of their adventures have been published, so far (and, yes, more exist).

You can find the first two stories - A Caravan From Thraa and Revolt in Rokol -  in Strange Sorcery #17 from Rainfall Books.

Their third adventure, The Flame in the Ice, appeared in the anthology Torched from Nocturnal Press (out of print and hard to find).

Update: Their fourth adventure, following immediately from the last, Claimed by the Ice, has been published in Strange Sorcery #18.

One of their later adventures, The Caverns of Khidina, is available in the anthology Swords Against Cthulhu from Rogue Planet Press (available from Amazon in paperback).

Another later adventure, The Curse of Ennerath, is available in the Kindle anthology Swords of Darkness.

I am hoping to get The Flame in the Ice back into print - I'll let you know when I'm successful...