Wednesday, 28 October 2015

James Bond parodic trilogy offer

With the publication of James Bond in... Quantum of Something, my spoof Bond trilogy is complete and you can order all three A5 volumes for £6 in the UK, £10 in Europe or £12 elsewhere in the world.

Payment may be made via or via cheque/postal order (pounds sterling only) payable to DJ Tyrer to 4 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursaal Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, United Kingdom (you can also pay in cash - pounds sterling, Euros (€20) or US dollars ($24) - but we take no liability for cash sent in this manner).

Individual booklets are available for £3(£5/€10/£6/$12) each.

Monday, 26 October 2015

The Parched Dead

Something a little different to the usual horror fare - read my short story The Parched Dead at Sub-Sahrahan Magazine.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Perfect for Hallowe'en

Looking for something scary to read this Hallowe'en? Then, many I recommend the following anthologies to which I've contributed? You can order them from Amazon (direct links can be found here).

Chilling Horror Short Stories (Flame Tree Publishing) - a beautiful hardcover that not only contains my story Justified, but many classic horror tales by such writers such Lovecraft and Poe.

All Hallow's Evil (Mystery & Horror LLC) - a Hallowe'en-themed anthology of terrifying tales, including my own An Echo of Samhain.
Moonshadows (Laurel Highlands Publishing) - how would you like to spend Hallowe'en? How about A Night Behind Bars?

State of Horror: Illinois (Charon Coin Press) - visit Vishnu Springs and other spooky places in this state...

In Creeps The Night (J.A.Mes Press) - It's Hallowe'en, do you fancy a Treat?

Between The Cracks (Sirens Call Publishing) - horror fiction featuring a Horrifying tale I wrote.

Tales from the Grave (Zimbell House Publishing) - ghost stories galore, including two of mine - Not Funny and Parts of the Soul.

Whispers From The Past: Fright & Fear (North 2 South Press) - Why not pay a visit to such haunted locations as The Bree and The House on the Moor?

The Idolaters of Cthulhu (Alban Lake Publishing) - cultists of the Great Old Ones, what could be more terrifying? Contains my Egyptian story Fane of the Faceless God.

That Hoodoo Voodoo That You Do: A Dark Ritual Anthologies - just what the title says! My story explores what horrors might take place For Love.

Journals of Horror: Found Fiction (Pleasant Storm Entertainment) - fragmentary discoveries, including my Dying Scrawl.

These Vampires Still Don't Sparkle (Skywarrior Books) - vampires by the coffin-load, including one struggling to understand what is happening to him in Different Now.

Demonic Visions Book 5 (Chris Robertson) - fifty horrifying tales, including my Sentinels of the Endless Unknowing.

Dark Tales from Elder Regions: New York - a city so evil they named it twice? Amongst these terrifying tales is my deceptively-named Beautiful Dreamer.

Cranial Leakage: Tales from the Grinning Skull I (Grinning Skull Press) - A Mother's Touch is not always a pleasant thing...

Cosmic Horror (Dark Hall Press) - discover the truth behind The Events at Frenchman's Creek and other mind-shattering horrors.

Undead of Winter (Mystery & Horror LLC) - as the nights draw in, the horrows draw out, such as the dreadful Night Walker.

Strangely Funny II (Mystery & Horror LLC) - a Costumed Hero saves the day at a Hallowe'en party in this lighter look at spooks and monsters.

The Temporal Element II (Martinus Publishing) - the anthology as a whole isn't horror, but my contribution involves a character revisiting One Hallowe'en as they seek to change a tragedy from their past.

Plus... I haven't listed all the wonderfully dark titles from JWK Fiction that I have contributed to, nor Whortleberry Press's Strange Lucky Halloween (available from

Want More?

The Yellow House (Dunhams Manor) - a strange and spooky novella by DJ Tyrer, available to order through Amazon.

Black & Red (Atlantean Publishing) - a booklet collecting several urban horror short stories by DJ Tyrer, available to order direct from Atlantean Publishing (UK: £3, Europe: £5/€10, RoW: £6/$12) - payment can be made directly via (pay in pounds to save money), please email with your address, order details and transaction number - or you can pay by cheque or postal order (pounds sterling only) made out to DJ Tyrer or cash (Euros or Dollars) to Atlantean Publishing, 4 Pierrot Steps, 71 Kursaal Way, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, SS1 2UY, United Kingdom. The 3-for-2 offer applied to this and all Atlantean booklets. Also available as an ebook (with the splendid David Leverton cover, shown) for £1, paid via PayPal.

The Temporal Element II

Perfectly timed (as one would expect from a time travel-themed anthology!) is The Temporal Element II from Martinus Publishing (available to order through Amazon), which contains my story One Hallowe'en, in which a man attempts to use the arcane knowledge contained in the Krypticon to change the outcome of one tragic Hallowe'en in his childhood.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Tales from the Grave...

As we approach Hallowe'en, the spooky and ghastly anthologies of ghosts and monsters begin to appear and amongst them is Tales from the Grave from Zimbell House Publishing LLC...

In this exceptionally chunky volume - available in paperback and on the Kindle from Amazon - are two of my stories.

Not Funny sees two friends meet up and visit a garveyard, but what appears to be a joke soon wears thin, while in Parts of the Soul we learn the make-up of that most elusive of things that makes us us.

Order your copy from (Kindle)/ (pb) and (Kindle)/ (pb)

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Disturbance - coming soon...

Artillery and Apparitions is a story featuring adventuress Camille Castaigne in which she investigates the potential sabotage of one of the mighty artillery pieces defending Paris from its Prussian besiegers.

In Whitehall Down, the heart of British government is threatened by terrorists and only one woman can stop them.

Monday, 5 October 2015

Strange Story Saturdays - Rug The Assassin rug attempted to assassinate me today. No, seriously. I swear it was deliberate... and you can read all about it by clicking on the banner above.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Misunderstood: coming soon...

An anthology putting the 'bit-part' monsters of fantasy in the role of protagonist, Misundertood from Wolfsinger Publications will be out soon, and contains my story, There's No 'I' in Homunculus.