Friday, 20 February 2015

The Weird, Weird West

If you're a fan of weird western tales, you will be interested to know that I've had a story (Walks In Shadow) accepted by Western Trailblazer - it will be available as a standalone e-release and as well as being collected in a volume of Weird Western Yarns. The story is a loose sequel to Legend & Shootist, which will be appearing in Tales of the Talisman magazine.

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I'm Horrified!

I have stories in several anthologies from Horrified Press imprints that are now available to order in paperback from, including...

Full Moon Books

  • Butterfly in Word Stew - a Yellow Mythos fairytale.


Thirteen O'Clock Press

  • Year of the Spiders in Arachnophobia - spiders! spiders! spiders!
  • The Unwelcoming Wood  in Wildwood - don't enter the snowbound wood! [previously published in Terror Tales as White Death]
  • Black Night, Red Light in Night Walkers - urban horror
  • Annie in Coming Back - also available as an ebook - a spooky homecoming...
  • Better Watch Out in One Hell of a Christmas - seasonal zombies!

Barbwire Butterfly Books

The Refossiling is here!

Fossil Lake II: The Refossiling is now available on Smashwords. The print version should be out soon.

It contains my Australian Cthulhu Mythos story A Far Southern Land.

Monday, 2 February 2015

An Earth Love Update

Excellent news about the Earth Love anthology:

I am happy to announce that the Earth Love anthology has, so far, raised a total of £630.00 for conservation charities.  This is the highest amount raised by any Earth Love project. 

The money has been shared between Animals Asia, RSPB, IFAW, Marine Conservation Society UK, Compassion in World Farming, Badger Trust, and PETA.  

Full details can be found on the Earth Love website at:  Click on 'Publications.'

Copies of the anthology are still available from the Earth Love website, on Amazon, or via cheque and post from Abbey Books, 2 Well Street, Paisley, PA1 2SP.  All proceeds will continue to be donated to conservation causes.

Many thanks for helping to raise these funds.

Best wishes

Tracy Patrick