Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Electric Love

Love blooms even in cyberspace leading to adventure in the dark cyberpunk future of a broken Britain in my story of corporate extraction, Electric Love, available on the Kindle in the anthology Altered States II.

Other stories in the anthology are:

Davi Leiko Till Midnight -- William F. Wu
Expiration Date -- CC Aune
Droids Don’t Cry -- Sam S. Kepfield
Doubleblind -- Jay Barnson
Killadelphia -- Pedro Iniguez
Twenty Percent -- R.M. Harper
The Patch -- Frank Roger
In The Beginning Was The Microchip -- Erin Lale
PIE -- Patrick Loveland
Silencing The Machine -- Tom Borthwick
Hermit Crab -- Chris Reynolds
Speak Now -- Thomas Olges
The Devil's Hat -- Gary B. Phillips
Limitless -- Mathew X. Gomez
When The Worm Turns --Tanja Cilla
Biomorph -- Roy C. Booth (originally serialized in Phase 2 Magazine, #'s 2 - 5)
The Smoke in Death’s Eye -- Jorge Salgado-Reyes (ARC novel excerpt)

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