Friday, 31 July 2015

Monsters, Cultists, Space Pirates and more, oh my!

Some new anthology appearances...

Olbur of Rokol risks life and limb for love when he descends into The Caverns of Khidina in Swords Against Cthulhu from Rogue Planet Press (available from Amazon), a second outing for the hero (an adventure of whose previously appeared in Torched).

Despite suspicions to the contrary, it turns out that X Marks The Planet in a comical story of that name in Yarr! A Space Pirate Anthology from Martinus Publishing (available from Amazon).

A cultist seeks to ascend a little closer to godhood within the Fane of the Faceless God in Idolaters of Cthulhu from Alban Lake Publishing (available from Smashwords).

Identity, acceptance and terror entangle to leave the question of just what is Horrifying in Between The Cracks from Sirens Call Publishing (available from Amazon and Smashwords).

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