Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Dunton Research Centre

The Dunton Research Centre Trilogy consists of three short stories related to events at this genetic research facility (although it went unnamed in the first one):

  • Emperor of Swine can be found in Amok! from April Moon Books - order (pb) from Amazon.com  and Amazon.co.uk and details the initial rampage that led to the closing of the facility.

  • Swine can be found in Mad Science/Malevolent Mansions from Barbwire Butterfly Books - order (pb) from Lulu.com or Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk and involves a rogue scientist following the closure.

  • Up From The Ashes can be found in Mysteries of Suspense - order (pb/kindle) from Amazon.com (Kindle)/ Amazon.com (pb) and Amazon.co.uk (Kindle)/ Amazon.co.uk (pb) and details the reopening of the facility in a less-contentious guise.

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