Saturday, 8 March 2014

Review of Acting Strangely

Review by Jason Wayne Allen on

I first discovered DJ Tyrer's work with The Yellow House, a limited edition chap book from Dunhams Manor Press(a weird fiction imprint of Jordan Krall's Dynatox Ministries) and being into Chamber's Carcosa mythos and the work of Joseph Pulver, Sr. I *had* to read it and The Yellow House did not disappoint. There was a pervasive creepiness to the book that channeled the gentlemen of weird fiction of day's past. The book was haunting...and this new story, Acting Strangely conveys the same creepy vibe.

Acting Strangely is a King in Yellow story which springs from the premise of, someone reads the Play and goes insane. This time a successful actor reads it, and attempts to 're-write and direct The King in Yellow into a TV movie and the results are as horrifying as they are revelatory.

You will notice I had the honor of blurbing this book and I've shared a TOC with Tyrer, but don't think this biased. With his infamous Yellow Site, creepy style, and dedication to weird fiction, DJ Tyrer is a writer and voice to look out for. This guy is good.

Acting Strangely is available to order on the Kindle now.

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