Monday, 3 March 2014

Novella available on Kindle now!

My new novella, Acting Strangely, is available on Kindle from and now for £1.85/$3.07.

Fast cars, fast women, booze and pills, a new and peculiar project: Sebastian Park is acting strangely. But, is it merely a mid-life crisis, a nervous breakdown or something far stranger? Do the answers lie within the musty pages of The King In Yellow or in his troubled personal life? And, will he survive to discover the truth?

“The very nature of truth is a lie,” commented the Purple Jester.

'Gasping, his chest tightening with the repetitive exertions, he couldn’t help but feel as if she were slowly draining his life from him. Looking up he stared at her face, which seemed hideously like a waxy mask, pasty and lifeless, a parody. His vision seemed to swim and his head spin, it was as if she sucked his life out through her primal action and he fell into an all-encompassing darkness...'

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