Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Strange Lucky Hallowe'en

Available from Whortleberry Press, Strange Lucky Hallowe'en is a collection of stories with strange twists of fate or lucky (or unlucky!) occurrences. My story, Not Just A Costume, involves a trip to a Hallowe'en costume party, getting lost and something less than human...

Other contributors include :
  • AW McKinnon
  • Jonathan Shipley
  • Warren Bull
  • Richard Dyer
  • Lyn McConchie
  • Kevin A. Harris
  • Jason Barney
  • Arthur Sanchez
  • Wayne Scheer
  • William A. La Fleur
  • JJ Steinfeld
  • Diane Arrelle
  • John A. McColley
  • Lesa Pascavis Smith
  • Sandi Reed-Chan

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