Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Dialect Poetry Released!

Dialect Poetry - edited and compiled by Les Merton - has been released by Palores Publishing and will be going free to all subscribers to Poetry Cornwall, as well as being available for £4. (ISBN 978-1-906845-47-6)

As its title suggests, Dialect Poetry celebrates the diversity of the English language in the British Isles by bringing together examples of dialect poetry in the Cockney of South Essex, Cornish, Doric, Lowland Scots, North Northumbrian, and the dialects of Cork, Derbyshire, Glasgow, Lancashire, the Scots Borders and South Lanarkshire. A diverse treat for anyone who enjoys poetry or is fascinated by language.

My poem, Laas' Resor', has the privilege of opening what is a very strong collection of seventeen poems.

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