Thursday, 25 May 2017

Seeking adventure? Seek no more!

If you enjoy the clash of steel, you'll love these three recent releases from Rogue Planet Press: Swords Against Cthulhu II: Hyperborean Nights, Sword and Planet, and The Devil's Armory III (as you may guess, there are earlier instalments there, if you need a further fix of adventure! You can also order all three from

 Swords Against Cthulhu II: Hyperborean Nights reprints my Olbur of Rokol story, The Flame in the Ice; Sword and Planet includes my sword-and-planet romp, Against The Exarzi; and The Devil's Armory III includes a Yellow Mythos-influenced sword-and-planet adventure of resistance against malevolent technologically-advanced masters, Against The Overlords.

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