Monday, 21 October 2013


I am writing this to explain why I did what I did, to justify my killing of my lover and former school friend, to put down my reasons before I did. I will be dead soon. I am certain that the autopsies of the bodies will confirm my suspicions, justifying my killing of her, even if the authorities assume that I was insane, as doubtless they will, unable to accept the veracity of what I have discovered; or, they will concoct a halfway-plausible narrative of deceit to satisfy their need to reject the horrific truths gnawing at the fringes of reason.

Read Justified, a strange and disturbing tale of Lovecraftian horror from the Yellow Mythos,  in issue thirteen of Surreal Grotesque ezine. (As a note, where the lower case castur appears, there should be Greek letters, but they seem to have vanished in the formatting.)

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