Solo and Joint Publications

Dunhams Manor Press (an imprint of Dynatox Ministries)

  • The Yellow House - limited-edition novella (2013)
  • The Yellow House - available on Kindle from and (2014)
  • The Yellow House - available in paperback from and (2014)
  • Acting Strangely - limited-edition novella. (2014)

Jazzclaw Publishing

  • Acting Strangely - novella - available briefly on Kindle. (2014)

Rainfall Books

  • Different Masks - novella - published in two halves in issues six and seven of The Yellow Sign. (2017)
  • Five short stories comprise the entirety of issue seven of Tales of Horror. (2017)

Alban Lake

Fiction Ebook

  • A Trip to the Middle of the World - available in ePub (2019)

Digital Fiction

 Spectre Press

  • Fallout - Short story - available as issue six of Cthulhu fanzine (2014)

Tigershark Publishing

Poetry Ebook

  • One Vision (2018)

Buxton University Press (an imprint of Atlantean Publishing)

Atlantean Publishing


The Bards 7 - War On Terror

  • A collection of anti-war poetry.

The Bards 29 - What You See Is What You Are

  • A collection of general poetry. (2012)

The Bards 41 - Deadly Eye

  • A collection of gorgon-themed poetry. (2017)

Xmas Bards 2 - The Knight Before Christmas

  • Contains the longer poem, The Knight Before Christmas, featuring Sir Blodry, and a shorter seasonal poem, Merry Christmas. (2012)

Xmas Bards 5 - Wooden Heart

  • A collection of festive poetry. (2015)

Xmas Bards 7 - The Happy Snowman

  • A collection of festive poetry. (2017)

Yellow Leaves 1 - Yellow Dresses

  • A sequence of poems inspired by the Carcosa Mythos. (2012)

Yellow Leaves 8 - A Butterfly In Carcosa

  • A sequence of poems inspired by the Carcosa Mythos. (2015)

The Tenth Sathlatta - Chaugnar Faugn

  •  A sequence of poems inspired by the Cthulhu Mythos (2016)

Poetry Booklets


  • Poetry inspired by the theme of Arcady. (2002, 2003 & 2012)

The Atlantean

  • Collected haiku. (2008)

Our Story

  • A poetry sequence exploring a doomed relationship. (2013)
  • Les Merton of Poetry Cornwall states,  "I can recommend this as something you can buy sight unseen to enjoy yourself or pass it on as a great present to anyone."

The Phantom of Truth (with Glynn Owen Barrass)

  • Poetry inspired by the Carcosa Mythos (alongside fiction and poetry from Glynn). (2010)

The Tears of Lot-49

  • A short sonnet sequence set in a dystopian future. (2011)

Fiction Booklets

Black & Red

  • Urban horror anthology (2013)

 The Skank

  • A space-operatic misadventure featuring Z Patrol's finest! (2013)

James Bond & The Giant Peach

  • A satirical look at the top spy's post-austerity-measures adventures. (2012)
James Bond in... Golden Idol
  • James Bond returns to battle the Cthulhu Mythos. (2014) 
James Bond in... Quantum of Something
  • James Bond returns to battle EU propaganda and jellyfish. (2015) 
Nomads of the Timestreams
  • The end of the universe, the multiverse, and everything... (2019)

Fiction Ebooks

Black & Red

  • Urban horror anthology (2013) - download it from here.


Deadly Eye Giveout Sheet

  • Selected poetry from The Bards 41 (2019)

 Missing Poster Giveout Sheet

  • Collage-work with poem (2017) 

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