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Facebook comment by Frederick J. Mayer

 If you see Tyrer's name on the cover/within a publication, trust me, you will not be disappointed!

A Fall of Leaves (short story in Ravenwood #2)

Personal communication from Editor Travis Neider

An instant classic.

The Yellow House

Amazon/Good Reads Review by Rick Powell

This is how it should be done! Only 43 pages but leaves you wanting more. DJ Tyrer does a fantastic job with this story. I rank this up there with Karl Edward Wagner's "The Rivers of Nights Dreaming" and James Blish's "More Light". I see a shadow of Shirley Jackson's "The Haunting of Hill House" in bits throughout. Robert W. Chambers would be proud to see his legacy handed down to such a gifted writer. The obvious tone of sexuality that flows in some chapters, gives it just the right effect that KEW would admire. I cannot wait if this is re-released in paperback.

Reviewed On The Arkham Digest Blog

I found that Tyrer succeeded in creating one of the most perfect King In Yellow stories I have had the pleasure of reading. The Yellow House is a masterful piece, with a surreal tone and the perfect atmosphere to go with it. It is definitely a story I can see myself reading multiple times - read the entire review.

Cited as a 'must read' King In Yellow book: I guess it is rather cruel of me to put this one here, since this novella was printed in an extremely limited release by Jordan Krall's Dunhams Manor Press (an imprint of Dynatox Ministries), yet I truly love this book and would feel even more wrong leaving it off the list. Maybe it will be reprinted one day, or find it's way into e-book land, so keeps your eyes peeled.

Online Comments by Jason Wayne Allen

Absolutely gorgeous story. A sort of gentleman's, quiet horror story, with just the right smidgen of modern perversity.The bit where the little girl is talking about how nice it'd be to drown in a particular lake was beautifully morbid. After I'd finished The Yellow House, I read The Deep Dogs in Cthulhu Haiku, and liked it. I'm sure you'd make Chambers or Lovecraft proud. I'm a fan, can't wait to read more from you.

D.J. Tyrer is also a favorite of mine. Recently read The Yellow House (Published by Dunhams Manor, a Dynatox Ministries imprint) and was floored. Great, creepy gentleman’s horror story with some great deviant modern subversion.

Online Comment by Jeremy Maddux

I just finished reading The Yellow House and loved the entropy of it.

Online Comment by Justin Steele

One of the best King In Yellow stories I've had the pleasure of reading. DJ Tyrer delivers an atmospheric and surreal novella that is sure to captivate readers of mysterious, decadent fiction.

More Good Reads ratings and reviews.

Online Comment by Pedro Proenca

Just read The Yellow House. One of the best books I've read this year.

Acting Strangely

Amazon Review by Jason Wayne Allen

I first discovered DJ Tyrer's work with The Yellow House, a limited edition chap book from Dunhams Manor Press (a weird fiction imprint of Jordan Krall's Dynatox Ministries) and being into Chamber's Carcosa mythos and the work of Joseph Pulver, Sr. I *had* to read it and The Yellow House did not disappoint. There was a pervasive creepiness to the book that channeled the gentlemen of weird fiction of day's past. The book was haunting...and this new story, Acting Strangely conveys the same creepy vibe.

Acting Strangely is a King in Yellow story which springs from the premise of, someone reads the Play and goes insane. This time a successful actor reads it, and attempts to 're-write and direct The King in Yellow into a TV movie and the results are as horrifying as they are revelatory.

You will notice I had the honor of blurbing this book and I've shared a TOC with Tyrer, but don't think this biased. With his infamous Yellow Site, creepy style, and dedication to weird fiction, DJ Tyrer is a writer and voice to look out for. This guy is good.

Personal Communication by John Harvey

I loved it!  It captures the essence of Chamber's "The King in Yellow". Your story is beautifully written and paced.

Black & Red

Personal Communication by Neal Wilgus

Rather grim but well done.

Our Story

Review in Poetry Cornwall #37 [UK]

This genre could have been written in several ways: as prose, as a monologue, as a diary or even a letter. DJ's decision to present it in a poetry format gives the story an edge and although emphasised as fiction, the reader will feel it is autobiographical. Our Story - a poetic tale of love from its sweet beginning to its bitter end is an apt summary. I can recommend this as something you can buy sight unseen to enjoy yourself or pass it on as a great present to anyone. [Les Merton]

Online Comment by David Norris-Kay

Just read Our Story and can identify with it. A great verse-story.

Personal Communication by John O'Malley

Enjoyed Our Story very much indeed - very real.

Fane of the Faceless God (short story in Idolaters of Cthulhu)

Amazon Review by Marc Mielke

One of the better Mythos anthologies I've read recently. Standouts include the pulpy "Fane of the Faceless God", by DJ Tyrer...

Mythos Poetry in Tigershark #4

Facebook Comment by Frederick J. Mayer

DJ has a splendid touch, insight, sense and knows how to weave imagery that makes for excellent Mythos poetry such as his "The Old One & The Star Spawn After Lewis Carroll"!

The Thicket (short story in Penny Dreadful #11; reprinted in Tigershark #4)

Editorial Comment in Penny Dreadful #12

I was impressed by the many levels The Thicket managed to operate on - in the space of just one page. Quite an achievement.

Letter of Comment (PD #12) by Scott Thomas

Tyrer's piece spoke to the Jamesian sensibilities in me.

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