Wednesday, 18 February 2015

I'm Horrified!

I have stories in several anthologies from Horrified Press imprints that are now available to order in paperback from, including...

Full Moon Books

  • Butterfly in Word Stew - a Yellow Mythos fairytale.


Thirteen O'Clock Press

  • Year of the Spiders in Arachnophobia - spiders! spiders! spiders!
  • The Unwelcoming Wood  in Wildwood - don't enter the snowbound wood! [previously published in Terror Tales as White Death]
  • Black Night, Red Light in Night Walkers - urban horror
  • Annie in Coming Back - also available as an ebook - a spooky homecoming...
  • Better Watch Out in One Hell of a Christmas - seasonal zombies!

Barbwire Butterfly Books

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