Forthcoming Work

DJ Tyrer has had work accepted for the following anthologies and magazines.


  • Around The World In 80 SF Stories [Germany] 
  • Blood on the Tree  [Thirteen O'clock Press: Horrified Press: UK] 
  • Halloween Haunts [Thirteen O'clock Press: Horrified Press: UK]
  • Maniacal [Freezeframe: USA]
  • Revenge [Thirteen O'clock Press: Horrified Press: UK] 
  • Sounds of the Night [Alban Lake: USA]
  • Sweat, Steel and Cruise Control II  [Horrified Press: UK]
  • Swords Against Cthulhu - A New Dark Age [Rogue Planet Press: Horrified Press: UK] 
  • Trumptopia   [Horrified Press: UK]


  • Awesome Tales [USA]
  • The Bamboo Hut [Online/USA]
  • Belmont Story Review [USA] 
  • Dawntreader [UK]
  • Dunhams Destroys Lovecraft issue 2 [USA] 
  • Frostfire Worlds - May 2018 [USA]
  • L0wl1f3 [UK] 
  • [webzine]
  • Scifaikuest - August 2018 (print and website) [USA] 
  • The Sunlight Press [webzine] 
  • Worlds of the Unknown 8 [UK, 2019]
  • Xnoybis issue 3 - In Praise of Pan [USA] 

 Solo Projects

  • Nomads of the Time Streams (Atlantean Publishing, 2017)

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